How to Choose Between Ready-Made and Custom Closet Systems

With every fiber of fabric and metal alike becoming more expensive, custom closets are becoming a necessity for many homeowners who want to give their home a high-end look without breaking the bank. It may not be feasible for you to build custom cabinets or custom furniture. However, there is good news: you can purchase a pre-fabricated unit and have it delivered to your house. This is an excellent option for those who do not know where to start or cannot afford to have custom furniture or cabinets built for them.

Melamine is the most popular laminate material utilized in custom closets. It’s a light-weight paper coating that’s applied to particle board with a heat-effective vaporizing laminate vaporizer. Thermofoil is also a commonly used laminate for cabinet doors and drawers, such as shaker and raised panel styles. It has a smooth flat finish that’s available in many colors. The melamine veneer is sealed with an electrostatic charge to prevent fading.

Another option is to use metal or wood veneer. There are many finishes available for custom closets including flat, high gloss, matte and clear coat finishes. If your storage unit is made out of metal, you’ll need to paint it yourself to create a professional, high-end look. If your custom storage solutions unit is made out of wood, you may also paint it to create a classic look.

One option is to purchase a ready-made unit from the retailer. These custom closets are usually made out of real wood. They come ready with all hardware needed for installation. Some retailers also offer this option but will usually custom make the shelves and the door.

A third option for custom closets is to order a custom closet from a supplier. These suppliers will take care of the wood work for you. They will provide the shelves, the door and hardware if it’s needed. This is one choice of custom closets that some people enjoy because they can custom design everything, including the walk-in shelving. Walk-ins are custom closets that allow users to slide the door open or closed without removing their shoes. These are popular in homes where the family has children or pets.

One drawback to custom closets is the price. Most closets will cost at least double what a ready-made unit would cost. It’s important to shop around to compare prices. Many manufacturers offer good discounts on stock shelving when it comes time to place an order. The internet is a great resource for finding discount prices on both ready-made units and custom closets. Some manufacturers like MLL Custom offer coupons or even money-back guarantees to entice customers to buy in bulk.