How To Make Sure Your Cast Iron Tub Sinks In Your House!

When talking to any homeowner about tub replacement, always advise replacing the bathtub with a new bathtub, checking and fixing any underlying issues around and under the tub, replacing the shower pan with a new tile or fiberglass liner, and repairing any existing cracks or fissures under and behind the tub. When my tub and shower were installed, I felt that my bathtub replacement was going to be relatively simple. As the months have passed I have found that there are many little things that need to be looked at and maintained to make sure you get the most out of your tub and shower installation. Here is what I have found after having replaced my tub and shower.

The first recommendation would be to contact a professional tub replacement company and have them come out and give your tub a once over and a thorough inspection. I would not try to go it alone by pouring on turncoat or spray on latex. This could lead to cracking or leaking. They will also check the pipe for rust, crumbling, reglazing or cracking and fill any cracks or fissures in the old vinyl material with new material. After they have done this they will usually recommend some type of reglazing or cementing and a light coat of sealer applied to make sure watertight is maintained.

Once this is finished, they will fit a float into your tub and check the waterline, new drain holes and any areas where the float valve or plumbing trap can be attached. A lot of times I have noticed some homeowners trying to install bathtubs without the proper plumbing tools and experience, such as using some kind of tape, siding, and caulking to hold tile around shower pan or float. All of these methods do not work and often will cause damage and leaks. If you decide to try any one of these techniques, I would strongly advise you to seek the help of qualified plumbers who are more experienced to install bathtubs.

Sometimes you might notice a crack or leak even after having refinished or painted the inside of the tub. This is a sign of the surface underneath not being restored properly and will need to be resurfaced. Many homeowners think that because they painted the tub they did not have to refinish it, but in order to have a beautiful new tub you must have some level of refinished surfaces. Other reasons for a tub replacement other than just painting over a cracked tile are if the floor or tiles are peeling, stained or chipped, or if the tub is leaking.

With the proper tools and preparation it is very easy to refinish and finish off your tub replacement. One very important point to remember is that grout must be sealed very tight otherwise it will allow water to get under it and cause problems down the road. Another very important part of finishing a cast iron tubs last longer than traditional ceramic tiles. The reason is that cast iron materials are so strong they will never warp or become weakened by water. You must also know that tiling isn’t always better than painting when it comes to protecting the integrity of the cast material.

If you are considering installing a new tub in your home there are many things to keep in mind. If you want to make sure that your investment lasts for as long as possible then you need to properly install it, and if you are going to use a professional Las Vegas bathroom remodeling contractor to make sure they do the work properly and that you completely understand the installation process. If you follow these simple steps you will have a beautiful tub that is durable and can last for many years.