How to Properly Install Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is any material made from wood which is specifically designed for use as hardwood flooring, both decorative or structural. Wood is an extremely popular option as a flooring product and is available in different styles, patterns, shapes, and types. The grain in hardwood is the difference between the flooring and other materials which are not hardwood. This grain gives the floor a unique look that may be customized to fit in with other flooring products or existing floors.

If you are considering purchasing hardwood flooring to complete your home, there are several steps involved in the process of refinishing hardwood flooring. First, you will want to take all of the existing flooring pieces and remove them from your home. Remove the hardware, such as knobs and pulls. If you are refinishing in Denver, you will also need to remove any molding or other treatments that were applied during the installation of the hardwood flooring.

You will also need to remove the sub-floor, or area where the hardwood flooring was installed, if possible. If the sub-floor has been sealed, it will be necessary to strip it down to the bare boards and then replace it with new solid wood flooring. This process is often referred to as “cutting out the sub-floor” in hardwood flooring terminology. It will take a skilled refinishing contractor to accomplish this task in a quality manner.

Once you have completely removed all the existing hardwood flooring from your home, you will need to begin the process of selecting the new laminate or hardwood flooring to go over the removed floor. There are several options available to you. The most important thing to consider when selecting hardwood flooring in Denver is how well the floor will age and show wear. Many people opt for a distressed look on their flooring due to the fact that it is easy to install and not very noticeable.

Many homeowners, however, prefer the look of a smooth finish. Engineered hardwood flooring can provide a smooth top layer that can easily be refinished over again. For homeowners who want the ease of installing engineered hardwood flooring but do not like the distressed look, there are two options. You can purchase an engineered hardwood flooring plan with a built-in sub-floor for an easy installation. Or, you can purchase a sub-floor kit and cut the sub-floor yourself.

The final step in installing your new engineered hardwood flooring in Denver is to fill in the remaining space between the floor and walls with drywall and then sand lightly. This will help the flooring adhere to the drywall better. With careful sanding and a high-quality finish, you will have beautiful solid hardwood floors in no time. For more details on flooring visit the best flooring company in Denver.